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Rob Thomson Founds Philanthropic Foundation Waterfront Way Foundation – For a Better Way

Waterfront Way Foundation’s core purpose is to help increasingly more people in our community experience and enjoy life in the reality of a better way, and to support various under-resourced individuals and organizations in the northern Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast communities.

Managing Partner Rob Thomson of Waterfront Properties & Club Communities (“Waterfront Properties”) and Waterfront Yacht Brokerage founded the Waterfront Way Foundation to bring Thomson’s personal and corporate philanthropic and charitable efforts together under one umbrella.

Initially self-funded, the Foundation propels Thomson’s long held philosophy of personal philanthropy and good corporate citizenry. At its height, his Charities for Children Foundation was purchasing, soliciting and personally delivering up to 30,000 toys during one holiday season. Various cancer causes and fishing tournaments have been staples of his efforts for years.

“I am very concerned about the monumental challenges under-resourced kids in our local area face. I’ll be working closely with my board to pinpoint specific areas of need, and individuals who are already making a difference in those communities.” Thomson says, “Good partnerships within the community are the key to sustainable success.”

Waterfront Way Foundation’s legs in the community are its board of directors and the Waterfront family of the companies’ nearly 100-strong team of agents and yacht brokers. “Some of these folks have been with me for years. Their work has brought them the type of success that allows them to play a significant role in our local charities.” He continued, “For our newer agents, their contributions often come down to sweat equity positions in the charities they support. Whatever they do, the Foundation makes it much easier to support them.”

Starting the Foundation was the logical next step for Rob Thomson’s philanthropic efforts. The name is its own interesting story. “We were talking about how much we enjoy the work we do for charity. Someone commented, ‘It’s the Waterfront Way.’”

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Winner’s Circle Charities is entering its 21st year and was founded by local resident and Hall of Fame Baseball Player Mike Schmidt.
To date we have raised over $2.5 million and are extremely proud of what we have accomplished.

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