Winner’s Circle History

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Winner’s Circle History

In 2016 we will surpass $2 million in funds distributed to worthwhile charities. Our charity partnership with The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, in the name of Brett Weinstein, will never be forgotten. It was Mike’s relationship with the Weinstein family that lead him to create what is today known as the Winner’s Circle Charities.  It started in 2000 with Mike and a few friends coming together to fish. They threw some money in a hat to donate to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  From there it has grown to what you see today.  Other leaders in the community have come on board to partner with Mike in his efforts.  Rob Thomson of Waterfront Properties and Steve Moynihan of HMY Yachts are now co-hosting with Mike as well.

As Winner’s Circle grew, other charity partners were added.  The American Cancer Society and The Marine Industry Education Foundation have been with us for the past several years and have benefited from our donations. As the charity evolves new relationships are cultivated and with that new ideas and partners are formed. It’s an exciting time for The Winner’s Circle Family.

We have added a third charity partner that we feel is a wonderful fit with our American Cancer Society relationship, The Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation. This Foundation is the number one sun safety, awareness and sun exposure education group in existence. Adding this partner to the Winner’s Circle Family is a win/win.

Mike might be one of the greatest baseball players of all time, but his commitment and dedication to charitable fundraising give him something intangible for which there is no Hall of Fame.
From all of us at Winner’s Circle Charities, thanks for your support.


Winner’s Circle Grand Champions – Brett Weinstein Trophy

2016 Good Call Greg Hull 101.6
2015 Pandamonium Mike Viola 118.5
2014 BullRun Tom Smith 87.8
2013 BullRun Tom Smith 147.2
2012 Scooter Marge Krupa 92.6
2011 Peggy Sue Dave Baskett 134.0
2010 Chillax Ken Gross 135.5
2009 China Girl Dan Swanson 107.0
2008 Sea Wolf John Wolf 137.0
2007 Lady Jan Gary Belcher 82.0
2006 Time Out Jay Scarola 62.5
2005 Stihl Leader Bob Noble, Sr. 26.5
2004 DaCheze Lee Berman 88.0
2003 Nomad Ben Ross 116.4
2002 S. Florida Yachts Bessemer Trust 129.2
2001 Stihl Leader Bob Noble, Sr. 97.6